A Tale of Six and a Half Years with Togglecorp

A Tale of Six and a Half Years with Togglecorp

Six and half years ago, I embarked on a professional journey with Togglecorp, armed with enthusiasm, and a willingness to learn. Little did I know that this journey would become an amazing chapter in my life, marked by personal and professional growth, resilience, and a deep sense of belonging.

Ladies and gentlemen, please fasten your seatbelts and let’s travel through the memory lane of my six-and-a-half-year journey with Togglecorp.

2016 July: The Startup Symphony

When I started working at Togglecorp, the company was just getting started. It was like the beginning of an exciting adventure, full of energy and a bit of uncertainty, which is normal for Startups. My own experience was a lot like this, full of excitement, a strong desire to learn, and a real love for working in the Humanitarian Sector. In the beginning, everything was new, and I had much to learn as the company was still figuring things out.

It's interesting to note that I began as the sole data analyst in the humanitarian sector at the company, a field completely new to me. Surrounded by six nerdy Pulchowk Engineering College graduates, I became the fortunate seventh team member in the initial phase of the company. It was a unique experience; learning and growing alongside talented individuals in an unfamiliar field. They often seemed engrossed in typing alphabets and numbers, constantly staring at the screen. The lunch breaks had become a routine of watching Rick and Morty with the team. However, they served as a perfect reminder that work is not always stressful. Although I didn't particularly enjoy watching the show, I cherished their company. The team also had a collection of inside jokes, some of which didn't quite land with me. Nonetheless, it added a light-hearted touch to our work environment.

2017-2019: Deep Dives into Data 

During the first six months of my tenure, I acquainted myself with the nuances of both the work environment and the specific tasks involved in utilizing the DEEP platform. It is a platform or tool designed for qualitative data analysis and secondary data review.  Over the past three years, I've had the honour of observing our team's evolution from its start to an integrated group of five members whom I consider my original crew.

Working on the DEEP platform has been nothing short of an incredible journey. I've delved deep into the system, becoming familiar with its features, and it now stands as the backbone of our day-to-day operations. My relationship with the DEEP platform has evolved into something more than just a tool for daily tasks. It has evolved into a dynamic system where creativity and efficiency collide, determining the course of our work and greatly contributing to our total performance.

2020-Present: Navigating the Waves of Change

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic became a turning point for the growth of our analyst department. It was during this challenging time that I witnessed the crucial role of the DEEP platform in humanitarian efforts worldwide. The platform played a vital part in coordinating joint responses to help people in different parts of the world affected by the pandemic. This surge in demand led to the rapid expansion of our team to 35 members, and the creation of a separate team with a scalable structured training and hiring process.

These six years have not just been a witness to my personal growth but have closely paralleled Togglecorp's growth. As I climbed the professional ladder, I've been fortunate to contribute to the company's expansion and success. It's a journey where my achievements seamlessly blend with the collective accomplishments of Togglecorp. A particularly rewarding aspect of this journey has been my transformation into a self-learned team lead. Togglecorp's culture of continuous learning provided me with the tools to organically develop managerial skills. This enabled me to confidently guide my team through both challenges and triumphs.

Taking a moment to reflect on these six years, I find myself as the only remaining member of the original crew that started this journey together. While each member has pursued their own path, the friendship and shared experiences we built together remain ingrained in the foundation of Togglecorp's analyst department success. Throughout this time, I've formed lasting connections with colleagues who became more than just coworkers, they became an integral part of my professional family. This shared experience has not only shaped me but has also given me a deep appreciation for the power of working together. It's a reminder that the bonds we form in the workplace are crucial for personal satisfaction and contribute significantly to the overall success and strength of the organization.

In conclusion, my journey at Togglecorp has been a rollercoaster of learning, growing, and leading. As I look forward to the future, I carry with me the skills acquired and a profound appreciation for a company that has been more than just a workplace but a second home. Here's to six years at Togglecorp, and countless more ahead. 

Cheers to growth, resilience, and the remarkable journey that continues to unfold.

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